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q&a with bobby alt! [09 Jun 2004|05:51am]

[ mood | giddy ]

ok so i was gonna post about this before but i was waiting for bobby.

he agreed to a q&a for http://stepintothestun.com
so if you all have any questions for him about stun or his new album or whatever email them to stuncult@yahoo.com

he's going to respond and then it will be posted on the site. so let's all thank bobby for being awesome ;)

cross posted to a few stun communities

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pictures on getty [01 May 2004|05:10am]

someone posted a week ago about there being pix of bobby on getty images ..well i searched and searched but found non....but i did find some group photos
which i'll put up on the site sometime soon...whether or not i'm able to detag them is another thing

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[27 Apr 2004|08:36pm]
[ mood | nerdy ]

Anybody have a wireimage account? There are a decent amount of Bobby pictures there - new ones. There are a few of Adam, too, and a few of them playing together. Maybe give the community a treat, or just make my life?

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[03 Mar 2004|03:06am]
[ mood | bored ]

hey guys. what's up? So I missed S.T.U.N. at the warped tour last year. well I really didn't miss them I just really didn't know who they were. So me and my friend were walking around (at the warped tour) and we walked right past S.T.U.N. They were standing under their little tent thingy that was selling they're merch and there was only like 1 person talking to them. So I was like to my friend hey look that band is just standing there. And my friend was like yep. And I was like ok then let's go. Geez I'm SO STUPID! AH! I was gonna go ask for their autograph but I was afraid it wasn't them or something. I don't know but like I said....I'm very stupid! So does anyone know if S.T.U.N. is coming to Cleveland anytime soon? thanks!

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globes [25 Jan 2004|09:03pm]

so im watching the globes waiting to see if LOTR has won or any of the actors but they re on best actress for comedic perf. blah blah blah and i had forgotten that Alicia and that show were nominated and when they announced her name there sheis with Chris looking very lovely and he is just smiling and beaming away from the camera to her.

i'll have to find pics

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[23 Jan 2004|09:00am]

[ mood | anxious ]

i'm new here...just wanted to say hey and keep rockin S.T.U.N.

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new band dvd [15 Dec 2003|06:57pm]


it's a dvd about a band called Kut U Up
it's being put out by that group owned by tom from blink182
it's pretty neat and it's a neato band
anyone heard of them?

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[11 Dec 2003|03:59pm]


Pictures from the S.T.U.N. concert.

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[27 Nov 2003|01:54pm]

I saw S.T.U.N. Tuesday, Nov. 25. So fucking awesome. They played a great live show. I'll put some pics up once I get them developed and scanned. The guys are uber nice also. Christiane was pretty sick but was nice enough to come out of the tour bus to sign some things and take pics with the few people outside. I asked Bobby if they're gonna do a tour of their own soon, and he said yeah sometime in the spring. Can't wait :D

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a few more [23 Nov 2003|01:00am]

bobby gave me part of his bass drum it was weird i was just link..."umm thanks?"

the "barrier" disappeared after the first song and the guards showed up and "made" people backup ...that didnt last more than 30seconds

chris broke one of the stage lights

bobby broke his bass drum

zach from VR hung upside down and sung

people slamming into the two colunms right in the middle of the crowd.

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[22 Nov 2003|10:58pm]

i downloaded "social disease" today, man i wish they had put it on the cd

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11/20 [22 Nov 2003|08:56pm]

ok so thursday was sooooo great i got to see m'boys STUN and so much went on i can't even tell it all...so here's the highlights that i remember

NICK INVITED ME TO THE TOUR BUS and then he played happy birthday for me but he screwed it up cause he was tired and a bit wasted. then he played along with a cd which was awesome....

NEIL MADE ME DANCE WITH HIM down in the game room/bar while he sang happy birthday very loudly. then he leaned in to kiss me and i thougt he was gonna hug me so i turned my head and he kissed my cheek and part of my lips.then i gave him a small peck on the cheek

BOBBY DID A MEG WHITE IMPRESSION FOR US and he promised that at the next show during reuters he would drum like her.



Chris told me to "shhh"


the guy from vendetta red was awesome and little like a hobbit and he danced like whoa

we met up tamra and the other kids from bogart's

bobby fucking pounced nick at the end of the show and grinded his ass

bobby and chris made-out chris and neil made-out

chris told tiffany to join a band

it' fficial ...i guessed before but i now know (definitely) Nick's religion and actualy name..and yes i was right

we are brusied up like whoa

we got everyone at the show to say "good game"

Emmanuel *cough* emmanuel nice*cough opened the show...man they are sooo much better. eli looks like matt and he wants us to "think of me whn you're double clicking the mouse"

christensen also played and rocked and the guy from vendetta red sang a song with them. latter when VR played the guy from christensen came on and they did outkast!

there was hardly anyone there! it was awesoem there was maybe 150-200 people that showed up!

soooo much more to come

i missed it already!! the withdrawls started bright and early the next day

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everybody's doing it? =P [18 Nov 2003|10:53pm]
[ mood | bored ]

a/ when did you first hear of s.t.u.n. and how?
A friend of mine told me about them, and sent me the songs from one of the promo CD's she picked up at a show. I admit, I didn't listen to them, but this summer I traveled to California, and I saw them at warped tour and I was blown away.

b/ have you ever seen them live? if so how many times/where? did you enjoy them?
3. Warped Tour in July, Warped Tour in August, and December 11th with Chevelle. Next tuesday, the 25th will be my fourth time seeing these guys, and it never gets old.

c/ whats you're favorite song (or songs...)?
I can't help it, I love every single song on the CD. My favorites though, if forced to choose are probably "Love and Chaos," and "Boredom" but they usually change weekly. :p

d/ would you rather marry the drummer or the singer (sorry guys)?
What happened to Nick and Neil? lol. Ok, all seriousness? Probably Bobby. Just because everytime I met him he's always been the most friendly, and he's an all around decent guy. He's just awesome.

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hmm [15 Nov 2003|12:43am]

[ mood | cold ]

i posted this in my journal a few days ago but i dont think many of my friends know wht i mean so i thought i would share with people who might

man since sunday after seeing S.T.U.N. for a 5th time I have felt physically ill. not just from the mosh pit. i let go there more than i ever have and it felt good i could have gone farther. i really felt the love. i can't keep much food down or sleep. i'm having withdrawl.

while i was there i felt complete...surrounded by friends and good music i was happy. now that I'm away there is something missing. if it fels that good to listen how great would it feel to be on stage making the music?

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like whoa! [09 Nov 2003|02:22pm]

we stalked neil early that day just for fun. it was great then eventually we decided to talk to him. LMAO we followed him to the record store and made fun of his hair and chrs singing "illegal operations" in the corner while he bought music.

sweet jeebus the stun show was awesome last night. i didnt get home till 3:30am i mean whoa! i was killed in the pit...i had no idea stun had gotten so popular! everyone we talked to came to see stun not chevelle...so much craziness.

i have never gone so insane at one of there shows. the crowd was incredible. everyone was singing and dancing and moshing. when they covered "another brick thru the wall" it was a madhouse. i am so sore and bruised but i loved it. chris hung from a pipe the ceiling like a fucking ballarina. he jumped into the crowd several times....man it was crazy

we got the guys to record an intro for us for the site and all i'm gonna say is whoa it's funny

niel offered to beat up that guy who felt ashley and me up and we danced a little with bobby and chris and nick of course was his usual calm casual self. i rubbed his bald head which he said he did becuase of a dream he had. everyone hugged us ..we were all like "???" LMAO it was "sooo good"

there was some stuff that happened that we arent allowed to talk about

bobby was crazy after the show! he said "she's my black mama!" and then smothered me in his man boobs.

we made a lot of new friends there but none were on the message board!!!

it was just...man too much to put into to words.


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ack forgot to do this when I joined. Sorrys. [06 Nov 2003|09:51am]

a/ when did you first hear of s.t.u.n. and how?
I first heard about S.T.U.N. uhhh..I think in January of 2003. Bobby used to be a drummer in a band I like [Everybody Else], so I checked them out and I've loved them every since.

b/ have you ever seen them live? if so how many times/where? did you enjoy them?
I have seen them 3 times, sadly :( Warped Tour in July, I saw them in August with Taproot and in September with The Used. They are AMAZING live. They're like a drug, you get so addicted to them. I am seeing them December 8th at Chain Reaction and Im stoaked.

c/ whats you're favorite song (or songs...)?
I really just love the whole CD, and Im serious about that hah

d/ would you rather marry the drummer or the singer (sorry guys)?
Both. But if I had to choose haha, Bobby because hes really nice and know me as the "Weezer chick"

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hi! [18 Oct 2003|03:55pm]

Hi, I'm Samantha from Littleton, Colorado.

a/ when did you first hear of s.t.u.n. and how?

I saw them at the Warped Tour and I had no clue who they were. Later that night at the barbecue I saw Neil and Bobby but didn't talk to them because I didn't know their names... or who they were. After I found out, I counted down the days for Evolution of Energy to come out and... the rest is history!

b/ have you ever seen them live? if so how many times/where? did you enjoy them?

I've seen them live four times.
Warped Tour- Denver
Taproot- Denver
The Used- Denver
Marilyn Manson- Denver
I guess the last one doesn't count because I didn't actually see the show... I talked to the boys though and I had tickets... they tried to get me in but couldn't get around the stupid 16+ law.

I've enjoyed every STUN show I've been to. It's always slightly different and they're awesome guys.

c/ whats you're favorite song (or songs...)?

Boredom, Illegal Operations, Love & Chaos, Watch the Rebellion Grow; I love the Pink floyd cover they do live-- it always catches people off guard.

d/ would you rather marry the drummer or the singer (sorry guys)?

I couldn't choose. I guess Bobby so I could steal one of his pleather jackets, and Christiane has a girl friend.
I can't believe you left out the two Ns!

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[29 Sep 2003|04:51pm]

S.T.U.N. kicks off the next tour back home in Los Angeles on October 10th, opening for Marilyn Manson. Here are the dates:

Fri 10-Oct Los Angeles, CA Show: The Greek Theater
Sun 12-Oct San Francisco, CA Show: Warfield Theater
Tue 14-Oct Denver, CO Show: The Fillmore
Thu 16-Oct St. Paul, MN Show: Roy Wilkins Auditorium
Fri 17-Oct Chicago, IL Show: Aragon Ballroom
Sat 18-Oct Milwaukee, WI Show: The Eagles Ballroom
Mon 20-Oct Hamilton, ONT, CANADA Show: Copps Coliseum
Wed 22-Oct New York, NY Show: Roseland Ballroom
Thu 23-Oct Boston, MA Show: Orpheum Theater
Sat 25-Oct Washington, DC Show: 9:30 Club
Sun 26-Oct Philadelphia, PA Show: Tower Theater
Tue 28-Oct Sauget, IL Show: Pop's
Thu 30-Oct Kansas City, KS Show: Kansas City Intl Raceway

if you can make it to any of these, HAVE FUN!

don't forget to see the Annihilation of the Generations video

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[21 Sep 2003|05:07pm]

[ mood | blank ]

a/ when did you first hear of s.t.u.n. and how?
Uhmmm...back in I think.....March this year.
Because they were touring with the Used, and
I decided to check them out, and I was fucking
BLOWN away. One of the most amazing bands EVER.

b/ have you ever seen them live? if so how many times/where? did you enjoy them?
No, I haven't :[ My mom doesn't let me
go to concerts >< And they came here
on my fucking birthday! The EXACT date. Ahh.

c/ whats you're favorite song (or songs...)?
I love them all. That is so overused, but it's
true. But if I had to pick favorites...uhm...
Illegal Operations, Annihilation of the Generations,

d/ would you rather marry the drummer or the singer (sorry guys)?
Oh god, haha. Drummer? No, singer..AHH >:O
...both? SSSHHHH xp

And to say again, S.T.U.N IS FUCKING AMAZING <3333

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inamind.net [21 Sep 2003|11:14am]

[ mood | productive ]

I don't want to x-post because I know how annoying it is to see the same thing on your friends page three or four times...so if anyone wants to pass this on to other S.T.U.N. communities, feel free to do so. I just don't want to be obnoxious. lol.

My friends and I are currently trying to get our online music magazine off the ground, and I've been spending hours in front of this damn computer putting up the entire photo database on the site. lol. I've taken photos at three of the many S.T.U.N. shows that I've been to in the past year, and they are all up on the site if anyone is interested in seeing them. =)


Go into the site and click on "photo" under the databases header, then choose the show you want to view from the list in the left frame.

Feedback is always appreciated! If any of you have any ideas or suggestions to add to the site, feel free to share, we'd love to know what kinds of things you guys would like to see. =) Thank youuuu.

<3, Melissa

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